Beyond Glasgow: Article 6 and its Relevance for Domestic ETS

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At COP26 in Glasgow, parties to the Paris Agreement adopted operational rules and guidance on Article 6, paving the way for full implementation of international carbon markets under the Paris climate regime. For existing and emerging domestic ETS, Article 6 can play various roles - offering an accounting framework for cross-border linkages between ETS, providing a mechanism to credit emission reductions outside the ETS, and opening a pathway to international carbon finance in support of ETS establishment and implementation. What decisions were taken in Glasgow in November 2021, how can or will these affect ETS in developed and developing countries, and what can we learn from the growing number of Article 6 pilot projects under development?

Martin Hession, International Carbon Markets lead at the European Commission presented his insights on these crucial issues. Kelley Kizzier, Environmental Defense Fund and Felipe De León Denegri, AILAC discussed Martin's input and provided unique perspectives on Article 6 relevance around the world. The session was moderated by Pedro Martins Barata, Get2c.

Presentation slides are available for download:

Martin Hession, European Commission: "Article 6 and the EU - Implications and Implementation"

This webinar is part of the ETS for Policy Practitioners webinar series, hosted by the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) with support from the European Commission.


International Carbon Markets lead
European Commission
Vice President for Global Climate
Environmental Defense Fund
Carbon Markets lead negotiator Costa Rica
Independent Alliance of Latin America and the Carribean
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