Emission Trading, Coal Phase-Out and a Just Transition

Coal excavator

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One of the biggest changes in energy systems around the world concerns the use of coal. The share of coal has dropped in numerous countries, and many have now adopted official goals to phase out the use of coal. This webinar explored how carbon pricing can contribute to phasing out coal in some countries; how carbon pricing could affect plans for extending coal use in others; what declining coal use implies for the functioning of carbon market; and which flanking measures are needed to ensure a just transition away from coal.

Presenters of this webinar was Philipp Litz from Agora Energiewende. Discussants were Zhang Da from Tsinghua Universi-ty and Samantha Smith from Just Transition Center.

The event forms part of the ETS for Policy Practitioners webinar series hosted by ICAP with support from the European Commission.


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Agora Energiewende
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Tsinghua University
Just Transition Centre
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