Emissions Trading in a Context of High Energy Prices

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Surging commodity and especially energy prices – and a generally inflationary context – have heightened concerns about the economic impacts of increasing carbon prices in emissions trading systems. What are the current price drivers in emissions trading systems? How might these dynamics affect climate policy and carbon markets in the medium and longer term? What can be done to manage impacts on consumers and covered sectors? In this webinar session, market analysts and policy experts weighed in on one of the most pressing questions currently faced in emissions trading systems around the world.

Jostein Kristensen, Partner at Oxera provided an introductory presentation to decompose the recent surge in EUA prices, and how these compare and interact with price trends across different commodities including energy. Maureen Lee, Researcher at Ecoeye provided remarks to Jostein Kristensen's input and presented on how the Korean ETS has fared over the same periods. Jos Delbeke, Professor at EUI and KU Leuven discussed these topics further, drawing upon his former experience as Director-General at the European Commission's DG Climate Action. Michael Mehling, Deputy Director at the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, MIT moderated the session.

Presentation slides are available for download:

Maureen Lee, Ecoeye: "Korean ETS in a Context of High Energy Prices"

This webinar is part of the ETS for Policy Practitioners webinar series, hosted by the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) with support from the European Commission.

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