ICAP Online Seminar on Emissions Trading: Latin America and the Caribbean

ICAP Online Seminar on Emissions Trading: Latin America and the Caribbean

Applications for the online seminar have now closed. For future editions and upcoming events, register your interest here.


Emissions trading is a market-based instrument for climate change mitigation. From the EU to Mexico and from China to California, more and more jurisdictions around the world use emissions trading as a tool to achieve their climate goals. As of 2022, around 17% of world’s emissions are covered by ETS. In Latin America and the Caribbean, Mexico has been the first country to introduce an emissions trading system. Several countries have taken steps towards developing domestic carbon markets, including Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama and Peru. Other countries opted for a carbon tax, such as Argentina Chile, Colombia and Uruguay, but in some instances are also considering carbon market elements to complement the tax.

To support the development and application of emissions trading systems in the region, from 27 February to 3 March 2023, the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) will convene an online Seminar, focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean. As an entry-level training, the one-week Seminar will introduce participants to the basic concepts and key elements of emissions trading. Drawing on examples and experiences from existing systems, the Seminar will explain the main design choices for setting up an ETS and convey solutions for their implementation.

Course Content

The curriculum of the ICAP Seminar will introduce emissions trading as a policy instrument for climate policy, and provide illustration through many hands-on examples, practical experience and case studies. It will address a range of issues faced in the design of emissions trading systems, taking into account the needs and circumstances of the countries in the region.

Covered issues include:

  • Emissions trading and its role in the climate policy instrument mix;
  • Setting the cap;
  • Defining scope and coverage of a trading scheme;
  • Allocation methods;
  • Managing the carbon price;
  • Ensuring compliance through monitoring, reporting, verification and enforcement;
  • Co-benefits & equity impacts of ETS;
  • Administrative and legal implementation;
  • Pathways towards establishing an ETS;
  • Regional cooperation

Teaching Faculty

Teaching faculty for the online training course will consist of experienced decision makers from the administrative authorities in ICAP member jurisdictions, as well as practitioners and representatives from established research institutions active in the area of emissions trading and climate policy. With this combination of different backgrounds, the faculty guarantees both a high level of technical expertise and practical experience, and promotes the creation of an active network between training course participants, government officials and the research and advisory community.


The seminar targets up to 30 selected participants, who will be selected to ensure a balance of professional backgrounds, nationalities and gender. Applications are invited from entry-level to mid-career staff from the public sector, private sector, civil society and academia; particularly those with roles and responsibilities related to domestic climate policy, but little prior knowledge of emissions trading. Good command of English is required for successful participation. Participation is free and participants will receive a certificate for the course, but there will be a competitive selection process.

Applications are welcome from countries all across Latin America and the Caribbean – both from current residents of these countries, but also from nationals of these countries living outside the region.

Participants of previous ICAP trainings are advised that the curriculum will overlap with the training they have received, as this is designed to be an entry-level activity. The organisers allow the right to prioritise applicants that have not benefitted from previous trainings.


The 2023 ICAP online Seminar on Emissions Trading will be held from 27 February to 3 March, 2023. The main sessions of the Seminar programme will take place from 11 – 2.45 (Rio, Buenos Aires) / 9 – 12.45 (Lima, Bogota) / 8 – 11.45 (Mexico City). In addition, an online ETS simulation will be offered in the (early) afternoon on three of the days.

Below you will find a draft version of the programme. Please note that the specific modules are only indicative at this stage and could be subject to change.

ETS Seminar content



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Web: www.icap-training.eu and www.icapcarbonaction.com

The ICAP trainings are implemented by the Ecologic Institute and Get2C  on behalf of ICAP, the International Carbon Action Partnership. It is made possible through the generous support of the European Commission.

Applications for the online seminar have now closed. For future editions and upcoming events, register your interest here.