Using Revenue from Emissions Trading

As public budgets strain in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, and with jurisdictions facing daunting investment needs to achieve ambitious climate commitments, emissions trading can serve as an important source of revenue. This ICAP webinar provided insights of revenue use from emission trading systems.

Presentations and discussions focused on how auctioning revenues from an emissions trading system can be used to either enhance the mitigation effect of the ETS, for instance by investing in additional mitigation potential or removing barriers to cost-effective mitigation, or to cushion adverse effects of carbon pricing, such as distributional impacts and cost increases.

Main presenter of this webinar was Dallas Burtraw from Resources for the Future, discusants were Anaïs Jalbert from the Québec Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change as well as Katja Schumacher from Öko-Institut.

The event formed part of the ETS for Policy Practitioners webinar series hosted by ICAP with support from the European Commission.


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